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CJ CGV is a unit under CJ Group - one of the largest diversified economy groups of South Korea which is present in 21 countries around the world. In Vietnam, after acquiring a majority share in MegaStar Cineplex, CGV is the number 1 cinema brand with 27 movie theaters across the country. CGV has plans to be a long-term contributor to the development of Vietnam’s cinema industry not only through the daily activities at the cinema, but also through CGV community-outreach programs
Currently, we are seeking for qualified, confident and service-oriented individuals to join rewarding career in CGV IPH - 241 XUAN THUY, CAU GIAY, HANOI details are as below:

1.   Cinema Manager

2.   Assistant  Cinema Manager

3.   Floor Supervisor

4.   Maintenance Officer

5.   Projectionist

6.   Store Keeper

7.   Head Cashier

To apply, kindly email to with Subject of IPH-[Position]-[Name]
For more information, please visit our website at

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